Registration Process - MySGI Help

Register your email address

If you aren’t already signed up with MySGI, you need to register a valid email address with us before you can set up your new account.

There are three possible scenarios and next steps below:

i. You Have a Saskatchewan driver's licence only:

Register your email address at your local motor licence issuer by calling 1-306-459-2544.

ii. You have a Saskatchewan driver's licence AND an SGI CANADA insurance policy:

Register your email address online with the instructions provided.

iii. You have an SGI CANADA insurance policy only:

Register your email address with your local motor licence issuer by calling 1-306-459-2544.

Create your account

Once your email address is registered, create your new MySGI account with these steps:

1. Request an activation code

a. On the Register screen, follow the instructions to get an activation code.
b. Enter the requested information to verify your identity.
c. The activation code is then sent to the email address you registered with us.

2. Register your account

Use the activation code sent to your email address to complete the registration process.

3. Set up your new account

a. Create a username and password of your choice.
b. Read and accept the Terms of use.
c. Once registered, you can sign in to MySGI.

4. Select Ogema Agencies as your motor licence issuer

5. Transaction complete

You're now registered! You can view your personal information and complete any eligible transactions.